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Safety Services has been administering Motor Vehicle Records (MVRs) and Criminal Background Checks (CBCs) for over 25 years. Let Safety Services manage your MVRs and CBCs so that you can focus on running and growing your business!

Cost Effective

  • If you spend just one (1) hour per day managing your MVRs and CBCs, using Safety Services will save you more than $5,500 per year per store in labor costs!
  • Free Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) required 'Adverse Decision' letter
  • Toll free number to fax in your MVR and CBC orders
  • Secure email option for the transmission of orders and responses


  • Same or next day turnaround time for MVRs from most states
  • Rapid MVRs two-hour response in 46 states


  • Take the guesswork out of grading MVRs and CBCs
  • Notification provided on whether or not MVRs and CBCs meet requirements, eliminating your time and effort in deciphering MVR and CBC codes
  • Reminders provided when MVR and CBC rechecks are due to save you time
  • Automatic Updates based on your Pulse data via
  • All efforts will be taken to obtain an MVR from another state to document two-year history
  • To help get accurate MVR information, Safety Services developed an affidavit to use when:
    • No original issue date is on the MVR to document two-year history
    • Information is needed on prior licenses held in other states
    • Wyoming and Indiana do not put accidents on MVRs
    • Texas does not put alcohol related violations on MVRs
    • Documentation is needed for military service expiration date extensions